Environmental Advantages Of Using Precast Concrete Products


If you have been near a construction site, you will agree that they generate considerable pollution to the environment. One way of reducing the pollution is to use pre-manufactured products. For example, here are three ways precast concrete products are good for the environment:

Reduced Onsite Littering  

Construction sites are known for producing high volumes of waste products. Using precast concrete products minimizes the amount of waste produced because the mixing and manufacturing take paces in a controlled environment away from the construction site.

For example, to make concrete blocks, you need water, cement, sand, and gravel. Since no process is a hundred percent efficient, you expect some of the materials to go to waste. It is much better to produce, control, and dispose of these wastes at the factory than to do the same at the construction site. Don't forget about the pollution created by equipment and machinery, such as oil spills and engine exhaust. Moreover, if the construction site is in a residential area, its wastes may affect more people than those from a manufacturing company since the latter are usually sited away from residences.

Reduced Number of Deliveries

If you are manufacturing your products at the construction site, you have to deliver every material, component, equipment and machinery to the site. For example, if you are making concrete blocks, you need deliveries for sand, concrete, cement, as well as the machinery and equipment for making the blocks.

Each delivery made increases the amount of exhaust the trucks release to the environment. By ordering for precast products, you reduce the number of deliveries and hence the waste released by your delivery trucks to the environment.

Reduced Construction Duration

Lastly, using precast concrete products also reduces the overall time taken by workers at the construction site. This is because they don't have to take time manufacturing products such as blocks, slabs or pavement blocks. The more time construction workers spend on your site, the more likely they are to produce more waste. Even discounting the wastes produced by the materials onsite, you have to count for the pollution created by the workers driving to the site and the tools being delivered to the site.

If taken together, the three advantages above lead to significant reduction of waste products and their impact on the environment. Therefore, for your next concrete project, play your part in protecting the environment by talking to the contractor about precast products. Fortunately, they are available in a variety of formats to suit most concrete projects. 

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7 June 2016

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