3 Reasons To Use Concrete Instead Of Asphalt For Your Driveway


While both concrete and asphalt are both very useful and versatile paving options that each provides their own set of benefits, concrete does have a number of benefits that asphalt simply cannot compete with. Listed below are three reasons to utilize concrete to pave your driveway rather than asphalt.


The main reason that many people choose to install concrete over asphalt is simply because they want the longest lasting driveway option that they can find. With a concrete driveway, you can often expect it to last quite a bit longer than asphalt.

In many cases, a concrete driveway will have a life expectancy of 30-40 years. This is a big improvement over asphalt when you consider the fact that on average an asphalt driveway will have a lifespan of 15-20 years.

Heat Tolerant

One of the biggest advantages that concrete will have over asphalt is that it will be much more suitable and resilient when used in hot areas because it will not warp or soften. When asphalt is exposed to high temperatures, it can become quite soft and begin to warp, which can cause your driveway to look pretty bad.

In addition, the asphalt's dark color will have a tendency to absorb heat, which will make the driveway surface very hot to the touch. While this may not be an issue for many adults, it can be a problem for children or pets that may walk across the driveway barefoot or who choose to play in the driveway. Concrete driveways will be cooler because the light color will reflect sunlight rather than absorb it.

Easier To Maintain

Finally, concrete is a more desirable option than asphalt if you want a driveway that you can simply ignore for the most part when it comes to maintenance. With an asphalt driveway, you will need to have the asphalt sealed periodically in order to protect the surface from salt or grease that can accumulate on your driveway.

However, a concrete driveway does not need to be sealed in order to remain in good shape. In most cases, you will only really need to worry about removing grease and oil stains with a store-bought degreaser.

Contact a concrete contractor today in order to discuss how a concrete driveway may benefit you and your home. A concrete driveway is a great paving option that is long-lasting, heat tolerant, and very easy to maintain.

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10 June 2016

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