Preparatory Steps You Can Take To Make Your Driveway Paving Project Run Smoother From The Start


If you currently have a grassy path or a slightly-pebbled way on which you park your vehicle every day, and you want a paving contractor to transform this, there are a few preparatory steps you will need to do first. You can leave these steps up to the paving contractor, or you can complete some of them yourself. Here are some of the steps that should not be difficult for you, as the homeowner, to complete.

Mow Grasses All the Way Down

Crank the wheel settings on your mower to the lowest cutting setting so that you can cut the "driveway" grasses down to stubs. When you do not have pebbles in this area to worry about, it will help you mark and identify the area where you want the concrete or concrete and asphalt to go. Be sure to take out a ruler and measure the distance between the edges of this cut path so that it is consistently equal in length and width all the way from the road to your garage or car port.

No Pebbles or Pea Gravel? Then Rototill the Path Next

As long as you do not have any pebbles or pea gravel lining this path, you should rototill the path next. This helps remove some of the uneven lumps that can cause problems for pouring and settling the concrete later. If your driveway is especially lumpy, it is important to smooth out the earthen lumps before your concrete and paving contractors add layers of large aggregate and pour the concrete. The whole area needs to be as level as possible, and the rototilling will help.

Pebbles and/or Pea Gravel Present? Weed-Whack and Scrape the Path

If you do have pebbles or pea gravel lining the area where you want to put your new concrete/asphalt driveway, you should use a good weed whacker to chop down high weeds and grasses first. Then use a metal-tined rake to scrape the surface of the ground here. You are attempting to pull up the pea gravel/pebbles to uncover the dirt layer underneath. Your contractor may choose to reuse the gravel/pebbles later on, but right now this layer is in the way of setting up the project. You may also want to till the dirt area underneath if there are some bumps and lumps underneath the pebbles/ pea gravel so that the entire surface is stripped bare, level and ready for your contractor to start the really complicated work.


12 June 2016

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