What Is Concrete Sealer? Answers For Homeowners Getting Concrete Delivery


As you plan for your upcoming concrete delivery, one of the things you may be wondering about is concrete sealer. Knowing what concrete sealer is, how it can protect your concrete and whether or not concrete sealer is necessary can help you take care of your concrete and extend its service life.

What is concrete sealer?

Concrete sealer is a product that will protect your new concrete from rain and oil. Concrete sealer improves your concrete's resistance to water, and makes your concrete easier to clean in the event of an oil spill. 

Is concrete sealer necessary?

Concrete sealer is not necessary; however, it can extend the life of your concrete by many years. Water that seeps into the pores of your concrete can expand when it freezes, and contract when it thaws. This freeze/thaw cycle can cause your concrete to crack, and may even cause the top layer of your concrete to break off (a condition known as spalling). Concrete sealer prevents cracking and sealing by preventing the water from being absorbed into the concrete. 

Can you apply concrete sealer as soon as the concrete is delivered and installed?

Concrete needs to cure before it can be sealed, and concrete sealer should also be installed at a time when the concrete itself is dry. Check with your concrete paving company to find out how long the concrete will take to cure, as the exact amount of time will depend on the type of concrete and the conditions outside at the time when the concrete is laid. Wait for a few dry days before trying to apply the sealer.

Can you seal concrete on your own as a DIY project?

Concrete sealer can be installed by a capable homeowner or DIY enthusiast. To seal your own concrete, start by cleaning the concrete. Use a broom or a brush to remove all dirt and debris, then spray down the concrete with a strong jet of water. Allow the concrete to thoroughly dry before applying the sealer. 

Use the paint roller to apply a thin coat of sealer to the concrete, then allow the coat to dry before applying a second or third coat. It's better to apply several thin coats of sealer, instead of applying one thick coat of sealer. 

It's a good idea to apply sealer to your concrete as soon as possible, to ensure maximum protection. For more information, talk to a concrete supply company like Loflin Materials Inc. He or she can answer your questions at the time of delivery. 


20 June 2016

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