2 Tips To Help You Care For Your Decorative Concrete During The Winter Months


Concrete is an affordable and versatile construction material that can be used for many projects around your home. If you have recently installed decorative concrete in your outdoor patio or garden, providing the proper care for this decorative element is essential.

While most homeowners tend to forget about concrete maintenance during the winter months, taking the time to perform a few simple tasks can help you keep your decorative concrete looking nice for a longer period of time. Here are two tips you can use to help your decorative concrete get through the harsh winter months with minimal damage.

1. Remove snow from decorative concrete regularly.

After each big snowstorm your area experiences, you should be taking the time to shovel standing snow off of any areas in your yard that feature decorative concrete. Decorative elements (like stamped impressions or stains) are often sealed with an acrylic product to help prolong the life of their decorative beauty.

When snow is allowed to sit on top of this sealer, snowmelt can begin to seep underneath the sealer as the temperatures rise. Water underneath a concrete sealant that thaws and freezes over the course of a winter can cause significant damage as it expands and contracts. Regularly removing standing snow during the winter will help eliminate any snowmelt that could lead to water damage on your decorative concrete surfaces in the future.

2. Avoid using an ice-melt product on your decorative concrete.

Just as standing snow can result in water damage, ice-melt products can also compromise the integrity of your decorative concrete. Ice-melt encourages frozen water to melt. When the water returns to its liquid state, it can easily seep underneath the clear acrylic sealant your contractor applied to the top of your decorative concrete.

Rather than contributing to potential water damage by encouraging ice to melt with an ice-melt product, try placing cardboard runners over the top of the ice to create a non-slip surface that you can walk on. You can remove ice with a shovel as it begins to soften, eliminating ice buildup without relying on ice-melt in the future.

Finding ways to protect your decorative concrete from damage during the cold winter months doesn't have to be challenging. By removing standing snow from the surface of your decorative concrete on a regular basis and avoiding the use of ice-melt products, you can effectively protect your decorative concrete from sustaining water damage during the winter.

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27 June 2016

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