Unique Concrete Landscaping Ideas


Architects and designers have known for years about the flexibility of concrete to create building features. You can use some of the same ideas to create unique landscaping features in the yard. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can use concrete to enhance the look and functionality of your back yard space.

Deck Flooring

Concrete can be made to look like wood planks on the floor of your deck. The concrete is tinted to the color of the wood you prefer then stamped with designs that look like wood grain patterns. You'll have a durable surface that doesn't fade, rot or become gray like natural wood decking material.

Walking Paths

You can use concrete to create paths in your yard that look like flagstones or bricks. The concrete supplier first pours concrete into forms outlining the path. For the look of bricks, a reddish tint is used on the concrete, and a stencil is used to create lines to look like individual bricks. For a flagstone path, you'll first select a tint to match the look of the stones you want to match. The concrete worker will then use a stencil to outline large and small flagstones. They then carve out the boundaries of the "stones." The edges can be smoothed to look like river rock or left jagged to resembled quarried stone.

Mixed Material Garden Boundaries

Use concrete to create borders for your flower beds and vegetable gardens. The tinted concrete is first poured into a form and allowed to cure slightly. You can then place miscellaneous objects in the concrete to accent the wall. Some ideas include seashells, pieces of colored glass, marbles, and other real stones.

Other Concrete Features

Because concrete is easy to use in a form, it can be used to create a variety of items for the yard, such as flower pots and planters, ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. The forms can be used multiple times to produce a series of objects, such as flower planters, to attach to your deck or under windows of the house. These concrete features are durable and can be repaired if chipped, or they can be repainted to give them a fresh look every year.

If you have frequent gatherings of friends at your house, use concrete to build a fire pit in the back yard. Surround the fire pit with concrete benches where people can sit around a warm fire and visit on cool evenings. Create a fire pit of any shape and size to fit with the available space in the yard.


7 July 2016

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