Considering Some Exterior Business Upgrades? Talk About These Ideas With A Concrete Contractor


The exterior of your building is the first thing your customers and prospective customers notice about your business, and therefore, it is important to make it as attractive and inviting as possible. If you are considering making some upgrades to your business building, there are a handful of reasons why consulting with a commercial concrete contractor should be the first place you start. Here are a few creative ways you can vamp up the exterior appearance of your business with the help of a good concrete contractor.

Create a flattering entryway with the use of stamped decorative concrete.

If you currently have a basic gray slab of concrete in place at the entryway to your business building, you should know that stamped decorative concrete could completely transform the area. Decorative concrete can be designed to look like everything from natural stones to bricks. The concrete is tinted with coloring agents to create varying shades and stamped with metal concrete stampers used to add different textures and shapes to the surface. Some contractors are so skilled with decorative concrete they can make your entryway look like it is crafted from marble.

Have a contractor install concrete planters along the walkway. 

Just implementing large concrete planters at the entrance of your business can make a huge difference in its overall appearance. And concrete planters can be created in an array of different forms by a skilled contractor. You could go with large vase-shaped concrete planters on either side of the entry doors or long rectangular concrete planters along a walkway. Concrete planters add dimensional appeal, which can be used to draw an onlooker's view to the front of your building. Filled with flowers in the summer or evergreen shrubs in the winter, concrete planters provide an attractive natural focal point.

Consider installing concrete curbs to separate landscaped areas from the parking lot and walkways.

Concrete curbs are far more than just a barrier for landscaping these days. They can actually be formed and shaped into an array of different designs. A concrete contractor who has the ability and equipment to create these curbs may be able to offer curbs that are rounded and contoured in shape and even textured to mimic the look of natural stone. With the addition of the concrete curbs on your business property, you will be giving a clean, neat appearance, but you will also gain the advantage of keeping landscaping materials rightly contained.


10 August 2016

Talking About Concrete Contractors

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