Keeping Your Belongings Safe During A Demolition Project


If you are going to be having the interior of your home revamped to accommodate an addition of living space, you are most likely excited about the results your contracting company will achieve when the project is completed. During an interior demolition project, it will be necessary to take a few steps to help keep your belongings safe. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your personal items remain intact and free of debris when a demolition is occurring.

Designate One Room For Valuables

All valuables should be contained in a room in your home where they will be able to be locked inside if possible. This room should be as far as possible from where demolition practices are going on. This way, if a contractor needs to use the restroom or head outdoors to make a phone call, it is less likely they will come across your items in the process. If you do not have the capability to lock any of your home's rooms from the exterior side of the doors, then bring extremely valuable items to a trusted friend's home or place them in your garage until the demolition has been completed.

Clear The Rooms Where Demolition Is To Occur

It is important to remove all items from the rooms where walls are going to be knocked down. If you have larger pieces of furniture that do not fit through doorways easily, it will be necessary to take them apart so they can be moved to another room. Make sure to remove all light fixtures and wall hangings in addition to items in the central area of the room. Consider ripping out carpeting to reuse in another area of your home as well.

Seal Rooms With Plastic To Keep Dust Away

Rooms near the site where demolition is going to take place will most likely suffer from dust accumulation if you do not take steps to keep it from getting inside. Place plastic sheeting inside of these rooms across each of the windows to seal all cracks from debris from getting inside. These pieces of plastic sheeting can be kept in place with pieces of heavy-duty tape. After the doors are securely shut, use more plastic sheeting to seal the doorways against dust as well. If someone needs to get into one of the rooms, they can simply remove the tape holding the plastic in place. Talk to a demolition contractor for more help.


30 December 2016

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