Two Concrete Treatments To Improve The Look Of Your Concrete Surface


Concrete flooring in your home and slabs outside in your yard can be improved upon in their appearance with several different methods. Here are two concrete finishing options you can use to give your concrete surface a new and attractive look:

Polish Your Concrete

Polished concrete gives your concrete floor the look of a shiny or waxed surface, similar to marble or stone, but has a more durable and long-lasting finish. It is best to hire a professional concrete polisher to complete this process so it can be complete properly for it to look nice and be durable.

The concrete polishing professional will begin by sanding the surface of your concrete with a grinding pad to remove all the bumps and crevices to make the surface completely smooth. Then, they fill in any cracks or joints with a special epoxy filler to give your floor a seamless look. Next, they use progressively finer diamond sanding wheels to make the surface smoother and give more shine to its surface. During the process they will apply a chemical hardener that absorbs into the concrete to strengthen it and give it a durable hardness., then they continue the process of sanding until your concrete has a shine to it.

Once your floors have been shined with this polishing process, you don't have to apply a protective coating, wax, or floor polishes to keep up its appearance, as the shine will remain. You can use a regular cleaner and water to wash its surface.

Stain the Concrete

If you want to stain your concrete floor or outdoor surface to make it look a bit more attractive, this is a job you can complete by yourself. You will need to clean your concrete to remove any dirt, mold and mildew, and any residues, such as grease or oil. You can use a degreaser cleaning solution and a scrub brush to remove residues from the concrete, then spray the concrete clean with your garden hose or a pressure washer.

Once it has dried, you will need to fill any cracks in your concrete with a concrete sealant, which you smooth over the surface to give the repair a uniform look. Cover any surrounding surfaces with tarps or painting covers to protect them from the stain. Spray the stain of your choice onto the concrete with a sprayer, being sure not to let it puddle onto the concrete. Apply a second coat of stain, if you want the color darker.

Follow up the concrete stain application with a sealant to seal in the concrete and protect it from external damage. Now you can apply a liquid floor wax to coat and protect the surface further. Follow the instructions on the floor wax to apply it properly.


16 October 2017

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