Why Plaster Walls Could Be A Better Choice Than Drywall For Your Home


When you renovate your home, you have two common options for putting in new walls. You can hang drywall or have plaster walls installed. At one time, plaster walls were the most common, but drywall became favored over time because of the ease of installation. Still, plaster has its advantages. Here's a look at why you should consider plaster walls for your home.

Plaster Is Durable

Plaster is a more durable material than drywall. It is applied to a backing that gives it extra strength. The plaster mixture is spread over the walls and then allowed to dry. As it cures, the plaster becomes strong and resistant to damage. If you're looking for wall material that resists damage from kids, pets, or furniture bumps. Then plaster is a good choice.

Plaster Has Different Textures

Plaster is a thick mixture that may contain lime, sand, and cement. It is spread over the walls while it's still wet so it can be formed into different shapes. If you want decorative walls for a bathroom or family room, you can have the plastering contractor create unique designs such as ridges or swirls while the plaster is applied. It will dry with the designs in place so you can paint over them to achieve the décor you want. However, smooth walls are probably more common, yet they can be difficult to achieve with a DIY application. Plastering walls is a somewhat labor-intensive process that requires time, skill, experience, and a bit of artistry.

Plastering Releases Less Dust

Hanging drywall and repairing it later can create a lot of dust due to the sanding required. It's a messy job that poses safety hazards due to the materials released into the air. This problem is avoided with plaster since it is applied in a totally different way and there is no sanding involved. Since contractors will be putting up the walls, it may not matter to you if messy dust is created, but if you want the least amount of mess in your home, then plastering is a better choice.

Plaster walls also have a different appearance than drywall once the wall is painted. Plaster tends to have a more upscale appearance, and the surface is flat with fewer imperfections. Although plaster is a good wall material for any type of home, it is a particularly good match for luxury homes since the work is handcrafted to achieve the best visual results. High-quality plaster walls require multiple coats and labor costs are higher than the cost involved with hanging drywall, but the benefits of a durable wall material that has an attractive appearance makes the extra cost worthwhile. 


12 March 2018

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