Tips For Successful Foundation Completion


When you're building a new home, one of the things that you will have to address is foundation construction. Foundations require a lot of careful consideration and the work of a skilled concrete foundation contractor. There are many factors that you will have to think about from planning to execution, and proper preparation is essential. Here are a few tips to help make your foundation construction more successful.

Keep The Plans Simple

You'll want your design as simple as possible so that you don't incorporate any kind of complications that are unnecessary. Adding a lot of footing steps in the design can not only increase your costs but also make the inspection process more difficult. Try to account for grade changes with a few larger steps than a lot of smaller ones.

Use Points, Not Grade Lines

Develop your plan based on points instead of grade lines. While grade lines used to be the primary focus, they can be difficult to see and read once the area is excavated completely. The piles of dirt that accumulate around the foundation area can make it hard to evaluate those grade lines. When you rely on points, such as the bottom of the foundation, the upper wall measurements, and other dimensions, the plan is more likely to be successful and accurate.

Know Where Your Lines Are

Any time you're digging on property, especially property that already has plumbing or electrical service, you need to know where the underground lines are before you start digging. Make sure that you have the property surveyed thoroughly and all the lines marked before you start to dig. Otherwise, you risk digging into costly and important lines, setting your work schedule back and increasing costs.

Cover The Wall Edges

Talk to your contractor about the wall edges. Make sure that all edges are covered. Otherwise, you'll have visible junctions when the concrete is finished. Visible junctions can be unsightly, and they can be difficult to cover after the fact, so make sure that your contractor covers them as part of the completion process.

Keep Everything On Schedule

When you're pouring a foundation at the same time as running plumbing and electrical lines, it's a delicate balance to complete everything at the proper times. If your plumbing or electrical lines need to run through the same spaces where the concrete is being poured, you need to keep it on schedule. Otherwise, you may find that the concrete pour is held up by your plumbing and electrical work, delaying the process.

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25 November 2018

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