Tips For Pouring A Concrete Foundation For Your New Detached Garage


If you are tired of parking your cars outdoors and have decided the time has come to build a detached garage, then the first step in the process (after you have secured the proper building permits, of course!) is to pour a concrete foundation.

If you are building a small garage and want to do the concrete slab yourself, then this is a reasonable DIY project for many people. However, you will absolutely need to have the cement delivered because it's impossible for you to physically mix enough bags of it to make a garage foundation.

In addition to having cement delivered, follow each of these tips to ensure your garage's foundation project comes off without a hitch:

Tip: Don't Pour the Cement Unless Your Forms are Secure and Straight

While building concrete forms isn't the most glamorous project, they really are the key to your foundation's success or failure. For example, if the forms are not secure and properly braced, then they will spread when you add the weight of the cement between them. If the forms move, then the resulting slab will be misshapen.

In addition, if the concrete forms are not perfectly straight and plumb, then you will end up with bowed areas and it will be nearly impossible to get the garage's walls and the edge of the slab to match up. 

Tip: Always Reinforce Concrete Foundations with Rebar

So your garage's foundation won't crack when it invariably moves around on the soil, make sure you reinforce it with rebar. While placing and tying rebar is a tedious project, it really makes the slab a lot more stable.

Tip: Pour Your Concrete Foundation on Top of a Vapor Barrier

If you live in an area that is very humid or gets a lot of rain, then the concrete slab should be poured on top of a vapor barrier. The vapor barrier prevents moisture from coming up from the ground and over-saturating the underside of the concrete. Over time, too much moisture will break down the concrete.

Tip: Use Termite Mesh if You Are Going to Have Plumbing Intrusions Coming Through the Concrete Slab

Lastly, if you are putting any plumbing through the concrete slab, then it's important to line the outside of the pipes with termite mesh. This inexpensive metal mesh will prevent termites from being able to climb up into your new garage from the ground.


25 September 2019

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