3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Driveway Gravel For Your Property


Even if you don't yet have the money to install a paved driveway, installing a gravel drive will serve the purpose and give you a finished look. However, choosing driveway gravel can be quite the feat, especially with so many different forms of aggregate material to choose from. To ensure that you are completely happy with your final choice after installation, you should get familiar with the different types of gravel and what they have to offer.

28 November 2017

Two Concrete Treatments To Improve The Look Of Your Concrete Surface


Concrete flooring in your home and slabs outside in your yard can be improved upon in their appearance with several different methods. Here are two concrete finishing options you can use to give your concrete surface a new and attractive look: Polish Your Concrete Polished concrete gives your concrete floor the look of a shiny or waxed surface, similar to marble or stone, but has a more durable and long-lasting finish.

16 October 2017

2 Reasons To Consider Renting A Crane For Your Construction Business


A crane rental service can often be one of the best resources at your disposal if you run a construction company, mostly because renting a crane can save you a lot of money versus trying to buy one that you may only use on occasion. Listed below are two reasons to consider renting a crane for your construction business. Maintenance And Repairs Are Not Your Problems One of the biggest reasons to consider renting a crane for your construction business is the fact that maintenance and repairs to the crane are not going to be your problems.

10 July 2017

How A Contractor Installs A French Drain In Your Basement


If your basement is always damp and musty, it's just a big waste of space. You can't really use it for storage or as a family room when there's always the risk the floor will be wet. The solution is to have a French drain installed in the floor. This routes water towards a sump pump so the floor stays dry. You can then use your basement for playing pool, working on your hobby, or storing your belongings.

10 January 2017